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Amcomri Media Group is the media and entertainment division of the Amcomri Limited Partnership.
Our aim is to provide a robust, secure and trustworthy route to the global entertainment markets for independent producers of film, documentary and TV content. The Amcomri teams’ networks are comprised of tried and trusted distribution partners from our decades of in depth exposure to these markets.
For Amcomri, quality service and trust are the two major factors we look for in our partners and that gives us the confidence to offer a fully global distribution network to our producer clients.
Our Story
From our original position on the retail side of the home entertainment sector, operating the HMV retail business in the UK, Ireland and Canada, we recognised the limited distribution possibilities for independent movies in those markets. So the Amcomri team set about finding ways to provide the producers of this content a distribution network that would maximise distribution and ensure remittance of proceeds.

In 2014 Amcomri acquired a majority stake in 101 Films
, the fast-growing distributor of movies into the UK physical and digital markets, led by CEO Andy Lyon. Originally focused on cult sectors, 101 Films now represents a broad range of independent productions in the UK market.

With increased success and penetration into the independent producers market, Amcomri Media Group extended its offering to a worldwide perspective, incorporating 101 International to build a network of like-minded, trusted distributors around the world.

Through 101 Films, Amcomri Media Group acquired the business and assets of Metrodome and Tartan Palisades who both operated in the UK home entertainment market. Their libraries, containing over 1,000 titles, are now represented by 101 Films.

With our UK business growing rapidly, some of the major Hollywood studios approached Amcomri Media Group to re-construct the Hollywood Classics business (which had fallen into Administration) in order to distribute back catalogue content on a global basis. Hollywood Classics International represents Universal Pictures and other Hollywood majors as well as a fast-growing number of independent catalogue right owners.

Amcomri Film Partners, represented in North America by independent producer, Michael Walker, was founded to provide “Play or Pay” and bridge production financing for independent productions such as “Rabid”,  “She Never Died” and the forthcoming “10 Double-Zero”.

In early 2020, Amcomri Media Group teamed up with Jonathan Ford to create Abacus Media Rights with a view to extending our distribution capabilities to TV and documentary content.

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